Yarrio Bathroom 11 amazing yet practical bathroom hacks for your home

11 amazing yet practical bathroom hacks for your home

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How do you like your bathroom? Clean, clutter-free, fresh-smelling, updated, or all of the above? Rightfully so if you think of the action that takes place there.

Notably, some people spend an average of 3 hours a week in the toilet, 10 minutes in the shower, or even 1.5 years of their lives in the bathroom.

The quest to keep your bathroom in pristine or perfect working condition is a perennial challenge. But it can be done.

There are ways or even shortcuts to make your bathroom cozier, more comfortable, and cleaner than it has been in years. Look out for our amazing yet practical hacks for your new and improved bathroom.

The Bathroom Makeover

The bathroom is one of the centerpieces of any home improvement project because it adds value and functionality to any home.

Whether you go DIY or not, your goal is to upgrade your bathroom while keeping it a place for comfort and convenience.

Here are excellent bathroom improvement ideas that will keep the costs low yet make for a fantastic makeover project.

Clean it like you mean it. Raid your medicine cabinet, bathroom cabinets, and storage bins. You then throw out expired, unused, or old medicine, makeup, grooming products, and the like.

As for the remaining stuff – towels, toiletries, shower caps, etc. – sort them per drawer, and clean the surface and interior before putting them back in.

Save space. Space is a real problem if your bathroom is small. Use coat hooks so you can hang more towels without taking up a lot of space.

For clean towels, roll them in your bathroom drawers. Magnetic strips are also handy to organize metal clips, nail clippers, and those small grooming tools.

Categorize your stuff. Mason jars have been the go-to storage for cotton balls, soaps, cotton buds, and other odds and ends.

They keep things looking chic and organized. Also, take advantage of the space under the sink through storage bins or boxes. Choose transparent drawers so you can easily see what’s inside.

Hang your toiletries near the shower. Use an organizer for your soap, shampoo, and loofah that you can hang on your shower curtain rod or pole. Organizers like this can also…
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