11 reasons to get an indoor greenhouse

Who said you need a yard or balcony to start growing plants and vegetables in a greenhouse? Whether you’re a hobby cook who likes to season his food with homegrown herbs or you just like to release your inner child and play with sand and mud, an indoor greenhouse is the perfect addition to your home!

Why an indoor greenhouse? Maybe you don’t have a backyard or maybe your climate doesn’t allow outside growing.

Maybe you fell in love with tropical flowers and fruits that have difficulties growing in a normal indoor or outdoor environment because they need extra warmth and humidity.

Maybe you just like a controlled environment to give your crops the best growing chances. Whatever your reason is to consider an indoor greenhouse, after reading this article you’ll be convinced to start growing indoors!

1. Release your inner chef! When you cut fresh basil, oregano or chives and sprinkle them over your fresh dish, your food will taste so much better.

2. Your indoor greenhouse is safe and protected. No need to build a sturdy construction to face wind, sun and snow. When you place your greenhouse indoors, you can go for a low budget option.

3. Planning a big move or saving to get the funds together for your dream home? Your indoor greenhouse can move right along with you.

4. An indoor greenhouse is perfect for growing seedlings or sensitive plants. Thanks to the protection of the cover or panels, your crops will grow faster than when you just place them in a pot. The greenhouse will hold on to the heat and humidity and help your plants get everything they need to become strong and pretty.

5. A great crop for indoor growing is avocado. Now let that be the one vegetable a true millennial can’t live without.

6. Not a true millennial or you don’t like to identify with one? Other tasty indoor crops are tomatoes, strawberries, cucumber, oranges, lemons, basil, mint and many more.

7. When your greenhouse is indoors, you can grow your veggies all year long. An outdoor greenhouse needs to be heated during winter, but your home is already snuggly and warm so your crops are safe and you don’t need extra heaters.

8. Planting, repotting, harvesting, … There’s nothing more relaxing than getting your hands dirty and following the growth of your plants.

9. You can use an indoor greenhouse to grow your seedlings and later repot them in your yard or in a larger pot. It will increase your chances of a successful crop drastically thanks to the ideal growing circumstances!

10. Your homegrown fruits and vegetables are pesticide free and you don’t need to drive to the supermarket or use plastic or…
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