14 tips to keep you comfortable during a power outage

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We’ve all been through this feeling once in our lives. And it’s not a good feeling.

All of a sudden, darkness and silence descends on everything. The power’s out. You quickly check to see if it’s just you.

And the entire time, you’re wondering how long it’ll take for the electricity to come back on. A few minutes is tolerable, but it could also last a few hours.

Make sure you’re always prepared with these 14 tips for surviving a power outage.

1. Pick Flashlights Over Candles

Keeping multiple flashlights ready at various accessible locations is the first way to deal with a power outage.

You also should stock up on fresh spare batteries for emergencies. Portable LED handheld flashlights come in real handy in situations like these.

2. Conserve the Cool

The most crucial victims of a power outage is the food in your fridge. To save it from spoiling, turn them off at the switch and cover them with sheets to add a layer of insulation.

Closing the curtains in the morning is another wise trick to keep your house cool. Open up the windows at night to take advantage of the cool breeze and low temperatures.

3. Use an Alternative Power Source

If you cannot manage a day without electricity, consider investing in a back-up energy source, such as a generator.

If you have enough fuel, the generator will ensure the power supply of the necessary appliances in your home, such as the refrigerator and lights.

You don’t need to run the generator all the time – your refrigerator will do just fine switched off at night.

4. Turn Off All Electrical Equipment

Power outages can damage the electrical devices in your home. To avoid this, it’s better to unplug the devices. You should also consider turning off the main switch of your house as this is the safest approach.

5. Contact Your Provider

If the electricity stays out for longer than you expected, don’t panic; just contact your provider. Ask your neighbors if they have electricity or not.

Blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers could be the reason behind the power outage in your house if your neighbors have a power supply inside their house.

6. Lighting Up With Fire

Flashlights should be your first priority as they’re more convenient and efficient. But you should also store up emergency candles as well as matches to light them up.

You might even need to cook food on an open fire. So, keeping a stock of matches is a must…
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