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5 clever uses of wallpaper in home interior design


If you’re looking for a material that could unify and bring uniqueness into your home interior at the same time, then wallpapers are what you need.

This tool is considered a visual treat for many interior designers as they come in countless colors, patterns, and textures.

Be it bold, subtle, big, or small, wallpapers can also be used in a variety of ways. Traditionally, they are used to cover the entire wall surface in a room.

Considered as the most classic use of this material, this design style has survived many generations and is still being used today.

But if you’re over the classic and are ready to see wallpapers in a new light, you can try these five clever ways to use wallpaper in your home’s interior design:

1. Wallpaper as Frames and Canvasses

Tired of those old school wooden or metallic frames? Why not try wallpapering artwork and picture frames to add color and tie your wall décor to your interior design?

If you have plenty of wallpaper scraps, you can use them to cover the frames or serve as background for artwork. Then, you can create a collage by placing artworks and pictures along the walls of your staircase.

This would make for a continuous flow of the design, especially if you used the same wallpaper by covering the walls (or any other element) in your living room.

Of course, you can always limit the color or pattern to a single room while still making use of this nifty tool to make an entire room look like a piece of art.

The trick is to wallpaper one wall before arranging a collage of wall decors on the wall opposite it.

2. Cover Only Half-a-Wall

Traditional use of wallpaper entails covering all the walls of a room from top to bottom. However, an old technique that entails covering only half of the wall has reemerged and is now making interior home designs looking better than ever before.

Whether you choose the bottom or top half of the wall, you can create an excellent look without the risk of overwhelming those who enter with the pattern you chose.

To make it work, experts recommend separating papered and non-papered parts of the wall with architectural moldings like chair rails.

3. Use Two Wallpapers on the Same Wall

Another interesting take on papering is the use of two different wallpapers on the same wall. While it can be challenging to pull this off without making the interior design look…
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