5 different kitchen design ideas for small spaces

small kitchen design idea

If it is the case that you have a small sized kitchen then you may worry about design ideas for it. But don’t worry, even if you have a counter of 1-2 feet and have a wall where you can build your kitchen then it is all you need to build your own kitchen.

Here are some of the best kitchen design ideas for small spaced kitchens which will help you cook in style.

1. Keep the kitchen space open

These days, open kitchen spaces with living rooms are quite the trend. It proves to be quite useful if you have friends around and you want to cook along with interacting with them. The best place about open kitchens is that they don’t take as much space as a closed kitchen.

As open space kitchens can be combined into the living room itself, you don’t need a lot of separate space for a kitchen and you don’t feel suffocated in a small space.

With open space kitchens you don’t have to miss that movie you have been looking forward to watch but can’t due to your kitchen chores.

There are quite a few types of open kitchen spaces, here are some of them which are recommended for small spaces:

One Wall Kitchen

One wall kitchen was previously called the Pullman Kitchen. It is the best open kitchen layout for kitchens in small spaces.

In the one wall kitchen all the cabinets as well as the appliances are fixed upon a single wall to save space. In one wall kitchen, the sink also comes on the same wall.

There are different types of sinks that can fit into your kitchen as per the size and style of your kitchen. The space below the sink can also be utilized as small cabinets.

L Shaped Kitchen

L shaped kitchens make the most use out of the corners in your kitchen space. If you have a kitchen space where you have unutilised corners, then the L shaped kitchen is for you.

In the L shaped kitchen design, you have to install counters on two side by side walls which forms an L shape. The length of the counter can be as long or as short you want depending on your kitchen space.

2. Installing a Floating Table

Having a floating table or a countertop in the kitchen will save you space in a small sized kitchen and will give the kitchen a sleek design.

Additionally, installing floating shelves will help you maximize the vertical space of your kitchen and you can store cooking items in floating shelves…
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