Yarrio Bedroom 5 easy and clever tips for organizing your nightstand

5 easy and clever tips for organizing your nightstand

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When we think of furniture necessities, a nightstand doesn’t usually make the top of the list. But these little bedside stands can add convenience to your day if they’re used right.

A good nightstand is equipped with features that allow you to store the essentials for your morning and evening routines. As a bonus, they come in many styles, so you’re decorating and creating a functional area at the same time.

Choosing the perfect nightstand and organizing it efficiently go hand in hand. Without knowing exactly what you’ll use it for, it’s hard to pick one that has everything you’ll need.

When shopping for a nightstand or rearranging your current one, keep these tips in mind.

1. Match Your Nightstand to Your Room (and Your Other Nightstand)

No matter how many nooks and crannies your bedside table has, if it doesn’t fit in with the rest of your bedroom, it’s got to go.

The aesthetics of your room are affected by everything in it, including your furnishings. So, your nightstand has to match the style you’re trying to achieve.

Sure, you could use a plastic storage shelf or something similar. It has all of the “features” of a nightstand: a flat surface, drawers, and the ability to squeeze in the small area by your bed. But, if it lacks style, it doesn’t matter.

A nightstand should be able to stand alone as a fashionable piece of furniture. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a decent bedside table. Shop around until you find one that fits your room’s style and your budget.

2. Know the Size You Need Before You Buy

Walking into a furniture store without knowing what size nightstand you need is a problem. You may fall in love with the perfect table, only to get it home and find out it doesn’t fit where you want to put it.

It’s a big headache that could have been prevented with a little preparation.

Grab a measuring tape, a pencil, and a sheet of paper. Before you head out shopping, measure the empty area by the side of your bed. Then, measure how high your bed is off the floor.

Write the measurements down on the paper and tuck it safely away in your wallet or purse. When you get to the store, you’ll know exactly what size you need.

Remember that a nightstand should leave you a few inches of leeway between the wall and the stand. Another inch or two should separate the stand and your bed…
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