5 simple steps for a total garage makeover

man and his 2 kids in the garage

For many of us, the garage is more than a place to store our cars. It may be a workshop, a hangout place, or even an unorganized mess of storage. That’s why many people are starting to take their garage and make it into something special.

If you’ve ever wondered how to begin making over your garage then you’re in the right place. Let’s hop right in and we’ll help you create a garage which is better than you ever imagined.

1. First Things First: Insulation and Sealing

Crafting an amazing garage begins with creating something that you can stand to be in no matter what the climate is. Insulation and heating go hand-in-hand when you’re talking about garages.

Here’s the thing: a heater without insulation is only going to handle a small area, while insulation without heating will only keep the interior of the garage a bit warmer than the outside temperature.

So the first step is to insulate and seal the garage.

Sealing is the easiest thing, to begin with. Take a look at the weather stripping around the door and any windows that might be in your garage. Replace anything which is cracked with a new strip.

You should also look for any holes which lead to the outside, these small gaps add up and are easy to seal with a bit of caulk and a putty knife.

Insulation can be DIY’d pretty easily if you’re willing to deal with the potential itchiness of fiberglass. Just fill in the gaps between posts and cover them with sheetrock for the best results.

You can also hire professionals to do spray-in insulation, which is pretty tricky to do yourself. Either way, the end result is a garage that holds temperatures well and makes it possible to get the heating you need.

2. Picking the Right Heater and Air Conditioner

After you’ve got insulation you’ll need to decide on what kind of heater to install.

If you have a separate laundry room it may be worth it to hire a natural gas plumber to put a T in the line from your water heater so that you can use a gas heater.

This isn’t something most people can pull off without risking an explosion, so there are better options if you’re trying to save money.

For most people, however, an electric heater is going to be the way to go. Depending on how the wiring runs in your garage you may be able to use a…
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