5 tips for designing a custom kitchen

modern kitchen design with kitchen island

When it comes to giving your kitchen a facelift, you don’t want to make mistakes. You would perhaps want to start by asking some vital questions before settling on a custom design idea and that’s okay.

But for someone who has been in the business of interior décor for long, figuring out the best custom kitchen design ideas should only take a few minutes.

For an amateur looking to customize the look of your kitchen, looking up the web for a few ideas is not an outdated practice.

The only challenge that comes with relying on ready-made custom ideas is that it limits your creativity to a few choices.

In this post, find out how to customize the look of your cooking area. We have sampled some of the best tips to get you started.

Decide on the perfect kitchen lighting

Let’s admit it. Not every lighting will give your cooking area a facelift, the more reason why deciding on the best light is important.

First off, ensuring your kitchen gets as much natural light as possible is the go-to idea. Nothing beats a naturally illuminated kitchen, especially if the wall colors blend perfectly with nature, if not a depiction of it.

Think about green walls and quartz countertops that blend well to create a perfect and harmonious kitchen environment.

And with a white hue for custom kitchen cabinet design, natural lighting should jest up the heart of your home (kitchen).

Don’t forget that artificial lighting is necessary. Your choice of lighting colors may depend on which area you would like to illuminate but even with targeted lighting, LED bulbs have always carried the day.

Think about a chandelier light source above your kitchen island (or a surface mount) and a wall bracket for splashbacks.

Focused lighting is also necessary for the cabinets, in which case, under-cabinet strips are the go-to option for the serious kitchen designed.

Go for countertop edges

There are different countertops edges from which you can choose the best for your kitchen. However, Full Bullnose countertops doesn’t only add a little sophistication to your quartz countertop but also remains a timeless wonder.

Apart from standard edges, specialty countertop edges are an equally great design for custom kitchen design. From double bevels, triple pencil edge to rock face edges, pick a hue that will blend well with your quartz countertop…
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