6 amazing hacks to make your bathroom look expensive

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The bathroom of your house tells a lot about you. Most of the people are busy decorating their rooms that they often neglect their bathrooms.

However, bathrooms have an enormous potential of transforming the outlook of the house as they maintain equal importance, just like any other room.

To create a luxurious bathroom, you don’t need to have a big budget. The secret to having an expensive looking bathroom is by learning a few hacks.

You can spend a thousand dollars on your bathroom accessories, flooring, curtains etc. but unless you know how to use that money, you will never achieve the high-end look you desire.

Here are some fantastic tips that will help you make your bathroom look expensive.

1. Large scale lighting

The easiest way to transform a plain space into a high-end looking showpiece is by installing the right lights. You may have noticed that all the bathrooms at expensive hotels are well lit.

It so happens that millennials find these bathrooms the best place to take their own selfies. One primary reason is the lighting.

These bathrooms are so well lit, that its every aspect is highlighted. A dark bathroom is dull and boring. Try to be creative in installing these lights.

For example, instead of installing the traditional light bar above the mirror, you can adjust pretty sconces on either side. Use large-scale light fixtures in the bathroom such as flush-mount chandeliers.

2. Use plants

If you haven’t heard of plants in a bathroom before, don’t be surprised. A lot of people have added plants in their bathrooms as a part of their accessories to give a fresh look. Plants like Boston ferns, Aloe Vera, and orchids thrive in a bathroom.

Plants will look exceptionally good if your bathroom is large. It will help out the empty spaces and bring in the much-needed warmth.

If your bathroom is small, don’t fret because even then you can make it work. The right plants placed at the right place will make your small bathroom appear bigger.

3. Choose an all-white or gray theme

Your bathroom’s theme is what will create the mood. Most people go for an all-white or a gray theme. A bathroom is a place that needs to be extra clean, even more than the rest of your house.

White color or pastel shades will automatically make your bathroom look two times more sophisticated…
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