Yarrio Bathroom 6 useful tips to keep your bathroom clean

6 useful tips to keep your bathroom clean

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In the list of chores every homeowner must do, cleaning the bathroom is one of the most dreaded. This is completely understandable because bathroom cleaning takes a lot of time and energy, not to mention a ton of cleaning products.

Despite the smaller floor space, there’s plenty to clean in a single bathroom, so if you don’t want to spend a whole day scrubbing away mold and mildew, follow these tips to keep your bathroom clean and save yourself the work later.

Ventilate Your Bathroom

Watermarks and molds are two of the hardest things to clean in the bathroom, but you can eliminate these messes by simply ventilating your bathroom. Both watermarks and molds are caused by moisture that’s left after you use the bathroom.

To prevent them from developing, turn on the exhaust fan when you use the bathroom, and leave it on for at least 15 minutes after. Open the bathroom window too to help the room dry faster.

You should also run a squeegee over the shower door, bathroom mirror, and window after you shower to remove excess water.

If you’re just at home, keep the bathroom windows open and the curtains parted to let in air and sunshine, which inhibits the development of mold, eliminates lingering bad odors, and maintains good air quality inside.

Apply Water-Repellent Coating on Surfaces

Here’s another way you eliminate moisture in your bathroom faster and prevent it from damaging your bathroom cabinets, ceiling, walls, and door: waterproof your bathroom.

Cover these surfaces with water-repellent coating. It prevents water, minerals, shampoo residue, and soap suds from drying on surfaces, so you easily clean them off without scrubbing.

You can also use a water-repellent spray for stainless steel to protect your faucet, showerhead, and metal surfaces from dirt, grease, lime scale, and sediments. A water-repellent coating can also help your metal fixtures fight against oxidation and rust.

Organize Your Cabinets

Organization is key to a clutter-free bathroom. Everything, from cleaning supplies to toiletries, should have their proper place in your cabinets.

Clean towels should have their own shelf while cleaning supplies should be kept under the bathroom sink. Consider using a bacteria detecting towel, its color changing strips detect residual soap, dirt, sweat, and bacteria metabolites.

You can also separate the items in your cabinets by using baskets. For the drawers, you can use dividers to put everything in order. In the cabinet for your cleaning supplies…
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