6 ways to harness your personal decor style with ease

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Harnessing your decorating style is not as easy as many of us would like it to be. Sure, you could just copy the styles of others, all the time, but where is the fun in that?

More so, where is the individuality in that? Outside of the house most of us don’t necessarily want to stand out all that much but inside the home, you can put your stamp on things and you can be creative and different.

You’re catering to your own style needs, so why shouldn’t you have your own style?

Do you know what your decor style is?

It isn’t something we learn in school or university, it isn’t something our parents tell us about either. It is a personal process and a journey of discovery so don’t worry if you’re not there yet.

Part of the difficulty in pinning down style can be the fact it is easy to say if you like something or not, but it can be hard to pinpoint or explain why that is.

When it comes to the style of your home, only you really have the final say on whether how it looks is something you want to live with.

To help you harness your individual style or at least get closer to finding it, take a look at these six handy tips:

1. Copying Isn’t A Cop-Out

You may feel that copying the style of another person or copying the style of a catalogue is some sort of ‘cheat’ but it really isn’t.

Seeing a style or a design that you like can be a really good foundation to understanding your own style.

Seeing Swedish minimalism nailed and wanting those crisp white walls and wooden floors for yourself is an amazing start.

Remember nothing is truly unique in design, everything is recycled and a copy of something else.

Seeing a style you like and using that as a starting point is a really good start to finding your own style.

2. See The Depth In Decor

Decorating is so much more than the way things look. Learning about the deeper meaning in all elements of decor can help you understand what different elements of style mean to you, more than whether you like the way something looks.

3. You Can And Should Make Mistakes

According to some professional psychologists, fear is made up of a mixture of our genes and our personal experiences. And some fears need really hard work to break through…
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