7 easiest ways to upgrade and personalize your home interior

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You may have lived in your home for several years, or just moved to some place new. Regardless of how long you have spent there, you want it to be a reflection of you and everyone who lives in it.

Your interior decor can make people feel welcome and right at home. If you want your home to shout, “People live and love here”, follow these steps to get your home to have that, well, “homey” feel.

1. Out With the Old Curtains in With the New

If you haven’t invested in bringing color and life into your window treatments, this is a great place to start your upgrades.

A visually pleasing curtain you can utilize in your home is eyelet curtains. These curtains fold more naturally leaving less creases.

If you get eyelet curtains that reach the floor, it will make smaller rooms or areas with low ceilings look larger.

Think outside the curtain. Curtain pulls can be a way to bring in a fun design without it being overbearing. Get creative with the curtain rods.

Find a design you like and then paint it. You can also paint the curtain pulls to match to tie the whole look together.

You may even want to use different items for a curtain rod like pipes, paddles, reclaimed wood, or even a yardstick!

2. Find Inexpensive Items and Make Them Your Own

Thrifting can be an exciting way to find new additions for your home interior. Hobby Lobby, or similar stores often have excellent clearance items if you prefer your decorations to be new.

Scope out some neighborhood garage sales to get the most out of garage sale hopping. Get out there, and get hunting!

Once you find that new addition for your home you can paint, reupholster, or add new knobs for the drawers. Stencils are a redecorator’s best friend.

You can add chique borders, or magical unicorns to your child’s new dresser. If you are anything like me, you love to craft.

Not only is this an easy way to add some creativity and spice into your home, it’s fun!

3. Add Some Pizzazz To Your Cabinets and Furniture

Another great way to spruce up your interior is by painting the items you already have. You can use all the same great tools that you would for the items you found.

Paint those dinged up cabinets for a fresh new look. Add new knobs or paint the ones you already have. Decorative knobs is a simple way to pop in some vibrant colors or add some flair to your kitchen.

But don’t stop there! You can do this for furniture you already have and cabinets in other rooms like the mudroom or bathroom.

Reupholster and paint that vintage dining set your grandmother gave to you and you can’t bring yourself to let go. Don’t forget the…
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