7 wallpaper styles to transform your apartment

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Interior design trends come and go, and it’s the same with wallpaper.

Wallpaper is a beautiful design element that can add to an appealing apartment. And, it provides the best “bang for your buck” in regards to switching up a look.

Nonetheless, before doing an overhaul, consider using peel and stick wallpaper. If you’re not into that idea, speak to someone in the leasing office. You can likely use wallpaper, but the damage may come out of your security deposit.

If you return the wall to its normal state when moving, you may not get charged. In either case, talk with the management team.

When you do move forward with a project, have an aesthetic picked out already. We have to warn you, though, with so many different styles, it’s challenging to know which ones to pick!

Don’t worry. We can help you narrow down your selections. Here are seven trendy wallpaper styles to consider incorporating in your apartment.

1. Bold Abstract Shapes

If you don’t mind going bold, then you’ll get hooked on eye-catching abstract shapes on wallpaper. Expressionism is the common theme at play here.

Today, the geometric style has plenty of natural and free-form shapes. You’ll see strong arches, wavy lines, and sharp curves.

When added to walls, geometric designs create an engaging and unique look.

If you’re a fan of abstract and symbolic art, go with wallpaper that leaves room for interpretation.

A geometric wallpaper design with significant patterns also lends to the idea of “go big or go home”.

So, go for loud and have fun with this unforgettable wallpaper trend!

2. Warm Neutrals

Wallpaper in warm neutral shades is gaining in popularity. We love earthy neutrals because they create a natural and comforting interior.

If you’re unsure of what shades to consider, there’s ivory, taupe, light beige, and cream.

The excellent news is warm neutrals go with everything. If you have brightly colored decorations, don’t fret. Neutral wallpaper won’t clash with the elements.

Having neutral colored walls also makes it easier to switch up the look in your interiors. If later you prefer to incorporate a few bright colors, it’ll be easy to add them to the layout.

Your apartment is sure to make you feel right at home with beautiful neutrals.

3. Plants and Foliage

Sustainability is on many of our minds this year and will continue in the years to come.

Bolder greens reflect the trend of wellness through foliage and plants.

If you use wallpaper with a lush rainforest print, the green hues will add a soothing shade of color. Consider putting it on a wall in your bedroom…
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