Yarrio Garden 8 inspirations on how to furnish a small conservatory

8 inspirations on how to furnish a small conservatory

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Conservatories are very versatile rooms and can be used for so many different functions. The great thing about a conservatory is you can really tailor the building to your own specification to make sure you get a usable space, but also don’t impede on your garden too much.

But with this comes the struggle to be able to furnish a conservatory without the room looking too cluttered and still functioning.

Below are 8 ideas on space-saving furniture that will add to the practicality of the room and keep your conservatory looking sleek.

1. Hanging Chairs

Chairs are important in any conservatory; they provide comfort and are essential for entertaining. There aren’t really any set rules on what chairs you can put in your conservatory.

You may not have considered a hanging chair, but they are an amazing space-saver while looking stylish and also homey.

By attaching your chair to the ceiling (if the structure allows), you save the space underneath for anything else you need, whether it be magazine racks, toy boxes or even the dog bed!

2. Bench Seating

If your budget allows, consider some custom bench seating around your windows. Firstly, this gives you a seating area, meaning the rest of your conservatory can be dedicated to any other functions.

Secondly, many of these units can be customised to have storage underneath and as we all know, you can never have enough storage.

You can dress your bench seating in cushions that complement the rest of the room and change them throughout seasons to really keep your room looking chic.

Extra storage can really help when dealing with changing weather, conservatories are notorious for suffering from extreme weather conditions so you can keep fans and conservatory heaters within this new storage, awaiting their appropriate season.

3. Leaning Shelves

No matter how big our homes are and how often we clear out clutter, we never seem to have enough storage space. Shelving units are great for books, DVDs, CDs and also decorative items like vases and plants.

However, these can be a bit overpowering in small rooms and can reduce natural light, leaning shelves are the perfect substitute.

This still gives a large surface area for storing whatever we need but by taking up slightly less space, it really makes a difference to the aesthetic of your conservatory.

4. Mirrors

Mirrors are a fabulous way to give the illusion of a bigger space, especially if they are placed on a wall that gets a lot of light. Reflecting this light around your conservatory tricks the eye into thinking there…
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