8 ways to have a cool man cave

man cave

The man cave is where we go to relax and have some time to unwind after work or a stressful day. That space should reflect your personal flair and represent things you enjoy.

The big question: How should you decorate your man cave?

Whether it’s a spare room, basement or the whole house, there is something grand out there for you to add to your chamber.

Check out this list of some of the coolest things I think should be in your man cave.

1. Furniture

Furniture is a must for any man cave – for comfort and style. If you plan on inviting the guys over, you’ll need to have an appropriate amount of seating and table space.

For a unique masculine feel, you can turn old beer barrels and large tires into tables and chairs with the right materials.

Leather chairs are a classic that fit almost any style and are typically easy to clean if you maintain them properly.

2. Lighting

Lighting is key to fitting the aesthetic you’re aiming for in your sanctuary. The right glow can create the perfect atmosphere.

Neon Signs

Beer and bright neon lights. It honestly doesn’t get any better. These lights have always seemed like the epitome of cool since we were young.

Well, now you can actually purchase one of your own. There are a variety of neon signs that will fit the style of your man cave.

Retro, regal, or rustic man caves can all benefit from a neon sign showing your love of beer.

Liquor Bottle Lamps

For a simple DIY project, stuff some battery powered string lights down into used liquor bottles. This adds ambient lighting to your space and looks spectacular.

Bonus – it is environmentally friendly to reuse items you’d normally throw away.

If you have a sink in your man cave, you can turn alcohol bottles into soap dispensers if you purchase or reuse pumps.

3. Accented Wall

This is an easy way to add some flair to the whole entire room. Using paint or wallpaper, there are so many different color and design options for any type of aesthetic you want to create.

Black walls with golden accents scream elegant and masculine. Textured wallpaper can add character to your walls or be used as background designs for shelves.

You could even go all out and get chalkboard paint for your accent wall – easy way to keep score of ongoing games…
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