Yarrio Moving Advice for moving: 12 expert tips for an easy transition

Advice for moving: 12 expert tips for an easy transition

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Getting ready to move into a new home can be quite intimidating. You have to move just about everything you own, all on a hard deadline!

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled some of the best advice for moving our experts could find. By taking our advice to heart, you should be able to greatly ease this big transition in your life.

Without further delay, let’s review some of the best moving tips you should be implementing into your move!

Tip 1: Start Early

Once you know you’ll be moving, start your efforts right away. You should begin trying to book the appropriate services and packing up as soon as you can.

You can still be smart; don’t pack up essentials or schedule a moving company too early. The goal is to start preparing right away for whenever it actually is you have to move.

Pack up what you don’t really need and lock down a date with a moving company. This will greatly reduce the stress you have to deal with as the move date approaches.

Moving is a situation where delay can cause a lot of serious issues. If there is a deadline for when you have to leave your current home for your new one, you could be in big trouble if some unexpected delay stops you from leaving.

Tip 2: Don’t Waste Space

One of the simplest and most important tips out there, don’t waste space when moving. Packing is a complicated enough beast. More boxes is a nightmare in more ways than one.

Not only do more boxes just take up more real estate in cars and moving trucks, they also just take up more time. More time to physically pick up and put down, then to open, and then to unpack.

As best you can, don’t leave any empty space when packing up for a move. Pack boxes tightly and fit as many as you can (safely) into whatever vehicles you’ll be using.

Tip 3: Roll Clothes to Keep Things Compact

It turns out rolling clothes is usually agreed upon as taking up less space than folding them. While the advice is often brought up regarding air travel, it applies just as well to moving!

A common thread throughout many of these tips is doing whatever you need to save space. Clothes can make up a surprisingly big portion of moving boxes so anything to compact them helps.

Even better, rolling clothes can actually help them avoid developing deep fold creases. Altogether, it’s a very simple, easy tip that most people just don’t think of when it’s time to start packing.

Tip 4: Prepare Your Friends (and For Your Friends)

While it’s less an issue if you intend to hire help, most people enlist friends and family to help their move. This is a big ask so don’t just blindside people with it!

If you intend to ask people for their help, be sure to ask early. This will help both parties involved. They can better schedule out the time you’ll need and you will also know who can and cannot actually help.

Along similar lines, you also should also prepare to properly thank them for their help. At the very least, some snacks and drinks can go a long way to making everyone feel like their time is appreciated.

Remember that your friends are putting in a lot of work they don’t have to in order to make your move easier. Openly acknowledging that can really help to show you understand the value of your friendships.

Tip 5: Understand Your Moving Window

This one is pretty simple but it’s important when you move to lock down what exactly you’re going to need to do. There are two important…
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