Yarrio Garden All you need to know about dandelions maintenance and prevention

All you need to know about dandelions maintenance and prevention

dandelions near the house

Dandelion, also known as Taraxacum Officinale, consists of rosettes of dark green and serrated leaves. You will notice ovate buds emerging from the middle of the dandelion plant.

Its flowers are bright yellow. They either rise on stems a few cms or inches (in most cases) long or bloom close to the ground.

Their long and strong taproot prevents the plant from dying even in the winter. It also makes it difficult to remove the plant completely from the soil.

Since dandelions are spread by seed which is scattered by the wind and sometime they get stuck to apparels, they’re difficult to prevent as well. But don’t worry we are here to teach you how to maintain and prevent dandelions.

Preventing Dandelions from Growing

Lawns that have soils with despicable levels of calcium & the ones that don’t break natural matter instantly are paradise for these plants.

If you find plenty of dandelion plants in your lawn, spread enough compost on your lawn’s soil to increase its breaking down capacity.

Spreading compost will not only help you improve the nutritional value of the soil but it will also help you provide enough microbes that will break down natural matter/ingredients instantly.

Additionally, you can trim your lawn & introduce a composting trimmer to abandon your cuttings on your garden. Make sure to eliminate all the dandelion taproot from the lawn before they even start spreading.

Getting Rid of Dandelions

Getting rid of dandelions doesn’t need to be difficult especially when you have a dandelion killer with yourself.

They not only stop the existing dandelion, but they also prevent them from growing in the same spot again. Another way of getting rid of dandelions is by removing them from hand.

Make sure you get all of the long taproot or as much as possible as dandelion can regrow even from a small root piece that remain in the land.

Also, it is important to water the area one day before you try to remove it as it will help you loosen the soil easily. Also, use a long and narrow tool like a screwdriver or a dandelion digger.

Put the tool in the soil as deep as you can around the dandelion and jiggle the tool as much as possible to loosen the soil near the root of the dandelion. This will help you take out the dandelion completely from…
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