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Alternative sources of energy in remote areas

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For a very long time, fossil fuels, natural gas and petroleum have been the major sources of energy. However, there was a problem when it came to remote areas such as small rural businesses, farms, caravan parks etc.

It wasn’t easy for them to access reliable sources of energy and this affected their daily activities.

The other problem was the damage caused by those harmful gases when released into the atmosphere. To help clean the environment and reduce pollution in the future, several ideas were put to place.

To have a clear understanding of alternative sources of energy in remote areas, here are some examples.

Solar power

Solar power is basically the use of the sun’s light as a form of energy. This is achieved by converting the sun’s light into electricity using a solar cell.

Solar power is among the best sources of energy the earth receives. If this energy can be harnessed and stored cost-effectively, it can probably be the best source of energy to use in a remote area.

This form of energy comes in handy especially in farms because it is renewable and no-polluting. You won’t have to worry about it being a hazard to your farm products or animals.

It is also economical because the sun’s energy is harnessed using photovoltaic (PV) cells and converting PV is to electricity is direct. Thus, the cost of a generator is cut off.

Wind power

Wind power as a source of energy has been there for many years. It is the power of wind which our ancestors used to pump water, saw wood, use in windmills to grind grain and send ships across the oceans. The same wind is used in wind power generation.

Wind power is one of the cleanest sources of energy. No chemicals needed in the process. Plus, there are no by-products produced in the process which may cause air or water pollution.

The most impressive feature of domestic wind turbines is that it is a renewable source of energy. Besides, it is available in any part of the world including the remotest places.

This feature makes it very useful in remote locations where it is impossible to connect wires to a power plant that is very far.

There was a concern about the danger the wind turbines cause on the birds flying on that area but this has been resolved with the emergence of new technology.

The newer makes are made up of larger blades which rotate a bit slower. This gives the birds enough time to avoid getting caught in those blades. In general, the pros of wind power outweigh the cons…
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