Yarrio Property Best energy saving tips to help you save money this winter

Best energy saving tips to help you save money this winter

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Each year, the average household in the United States uses more electricity than the year before – and 2020 is no exception. In fact, global energy usage continues to rise faster than the current population growth.

While many people are turning to renewable energy sources to lower their electricity bills while still living comfortably, the upfront costs make this option out-of-reach for many Americans.

But that doesn’t mean you’re destined for higher and higher energy bills each year. Instead, there are a few changes you can make to your daily habits to lower your energy consumption and your bills.

Keep reading to learn the basic energy savings tips you should use this winter to help save money.

1. Shop Around for Electricity Rates

When it comes to home energy saving tips, the first thing you need to do is shop around for the best electricity rates.

Many people assume that the rate they are paying is set in stone. But, odds are, there is more than one energy provider in your area, which provides a competitive market with competitive pricing.

Compare your current cents per kilowatthour listed on your bill with what other energy providers are charging.

Also, look into other money-saving offers, such as no deposit electricity, time-of-use rate plans, and budget plans.

Simply calling up your current provider and letting them know that you are looking around for the best deal could cause them to suddenly offer you a money-saving option.

2. Invest in a Smart Thermostat

One of the best energy-conservation tips is to invest in a smart thermostat. Instead of sacrificing comfort by turning your thermostat down by a few degrees to save money, let a smart thermostat save you money with no effort.

Smart thermostats work by studying your daily routine. They keep track of what times of day people are home, when they are away, and when they are sleeping.

Then, based on your household’s schedule, the thermostat will adjust to your temperature comfort level.

For example, your thermostat may warm up just before you wake up, only to cool down once everyone leaves for the day.

Then, when you are getting ready to return home, the thermostat will warm up again before it cools down once everyone is asleep.

With a smart thermostat, you can save up to 12% on heating costs and up to 15% on cooling costs.

3. Use Your Ceiling Fans

Many people believe that they should only use their ceiling fans when it’s hot outside. But, using your ceiling fans correctly is also one of the best winter energy saving tips…
Continue reading and learn more about smart energy on Daisy Linden’s blog.

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