Yarrio Windows Blinds to consider when you have cats in the house

Blinds to consider when you have cats in the house

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Cats are adorable, lovable, and playful, and it’s because of this that many homeowners adore them – that being said, cats can also be very destructive.

This usually due to their inquisitive and playful natures, meaning they’re always looking to know what’s going on around them and to explore their surroundings, as well as their natural predatory instincts that make them inclined to “hunt” items around your home.

One of the most destroyed items by cats is the window blinds. This usually happens because your cat loves playing around with fabric and, due to their sharp claws, these blinds get destroyed over time.

If you want to make the best of your home’s environment, the best course of action would be to install cat-proof blinds. You can find such blinds at many reputable vendors.

If you have no idea which blinds to install, here’s a guide on the top cat-proof blinds to get for your home:

1. Roller Blinds

If you’re a cat owner, roller blinds are also an ideal choice for your house. These blinds are great since they don’t have slats through which your cat can pass through and break.

But, despite roller blinds being suitable for cat owners, you need to be careful about the kind of fabric you choose to use. Ideally, you should go for fabric that doesn’t pick up your cat’s loose fur.

Another issue you may need to worry about with roller blinds is your cat clawing on its fabric, thereby creating holes. To avoid these issues, the installation of a child safety gadget is the best solution.

Doing this ensures the chain is far from the cat’s reach, so they won’t be able to mess with it, and you can move the blinds as necessary.

2. Motorized Blinds

With these blinds, you’ll be able to roll your blinds up and down at the touch of a button. This provides you with increased convenience to control your smart blinds with your phone regardless of your location.

Motorized blinds don’t feature any cords, and this makes them a great choice if you’re a cat lover. These blinds include an automatic setting that allows you to set a time when you want them to open them, so your cat won’t be pawing at your blinds trying to get a look outside.

3. Vertical Blinds

For a home with porch doors, large windows, and sliding glass doors, vertical blinds are the best options to install.

The design of vertical blinds allows you to open them by pushing them sideways, either from the sides or the center. This leaves enough space for your cat to relax and enjoy the view, and the blinds don’t get…
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