Yarrio Kitchen Build the kitchen of your dreams: 7 elegant ideas for a kitchen remodel

Build the kitchen of your dreams: 7 elegant ideas for a kitchen remodel

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Homeowners that do a minor kitchen remodel can see an 81 percent payback on their investment. This is compared to only a 59 percent payback for major kitchen remodels.

Updating a few aspects could be more effective than renovating the entire kitchen.

So, what aspects do you focus on? If you’re not moving anytime soon, imagine your dream kitchen. What would make it more elegant, relaxing, functional, and stress-free?

If you’re out of ideas, we got you covered. Here are nine brilliant ideas for a kitchen remodel of your dreams.

1. Efficient Storage Options

No matter how trendy open shelves are in a kitchen, they don’t provide as much storage as cabinets. If you’re lacking storage space as it is, create a more efficient system.

Consider installing floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. Not only is this a decorative statement, but you create ample storage space. Every inch of your kitchen’s walls get used.

To reduce the clutter in your kitchen, install deep pull-out shelves and drawers. One should be big enough to hold your garbage and recycling bins.

Custom pull-outs are also space efficient. Take the space between your fridge and the wall for a pull-out spice shelving unit. Create more counter space by installing slabs that can slide under the existing ones.

2. Smart Appliances

Technology has allowed for amazing improvements to the kitchen. If you want a functional, sleek design, incorporate some of these high-tech innovations.

For one, install faucet taps with motion sensors. No more grabbing the tap handle with dirty hands! Simply wave your hand in front of the faucet and the water turns on or off.

Another impressive technology is the smart refrigerator. This fridge includes a large LED screen on the door so you can see all the contents inside. Instead of wasting energy by holding the door open to scan for a snack, look at the screen.

Like the rest of your smart house, the lights in your kitchen can connect to your smartphone. Set them brighter when baking, and dimmer when enjoying a glass of wine with your partner.

3. Quartz Countertops

If you have the budget, spring for quartz countertops. Not only do these look elegant and classy, but they’re resilient.

Quartz is quickly taking over the granite market share. Granite is porous and needs maintenance; quartz is pore-free and easy to maintain…
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