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House of cards: 7 damning signs that your house has foundation problems

Are you worried about the structural integrity of your house foundation? Foundation problems are common with 25% of homes having structural distress at some point. If you catch foundation issues early, you can fix the problem before it causes more serious damage. Earlier fixes are often cheaper, so investigating the signs you notice can also […]

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The importance of a well-drained property and how to accomplish it

The integrity of the structure of your home entirely depends on your drainage system. A house won’t stand if its foundation has been damaged with water. Maybe a home crumbling beneath your feet is an extreme example of the consequences that can come with not having adequate water drainage system. Still, a home can suffer […]

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Tips to protect your home from water damage

Water damage can creep up without you even noticing. After all, it only takes one leaky pipe and all of your belongings can get ruined. Water damage happens to be one of the most common issues homeowners are faced with. Luckily, with a few simple steps, disaster can be avoided. Even after you mop up […]

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What are your concrete options for a basement?

What should you be putting on your basement flooring when the time comes for a change? Basement flooring should be given proper and long thought and consideration before you make a decision about what works best for you. Every basement is different, each with a host of issues that need to be considered before the […]