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glass nightstand

5 easy and clever tips for organizing your nightstand

When we think of furniture necessities, a nightstand doesn’t usually make the top of the list. But these little bedside stands can add convenience to your day if they’re used right. A good nightstand is equipped with features that allow you to store the essentials for your morning and evening routines. As a bonus, they […]

king size mattress bed

Memory foam vs spring mattress: which one is better for you?

The first innerspring mattresses may not be as comfortable as expected but they are affordable and supportive enough. Thus, companies started to source and maximize other materials to offer different types of mattresses to consumers. Since NASA engineers invented memory foam, it became a groundbreaking addition in the mattress industry to combine comfort and support. […]

king size bed

How to renovate a master bedroom over the weekend

Your renovation dreams shouldn’t be put on hold because of time. Most people shy away from pending bedroom renovation tasks thinking it will take them months to complete. With some strategic thinking and a sound plan, you’ll be able to pull off the bedroom design of your dreams in just one weekend. The best way […]

flowers birds wallpaper

7 wallpaper styles to transform your apartment

Interior design trends come and go, and it’s the same with wallpaper. Wallpaper is a beautiful design element that can add to an appealing apartment. And, it provides the best “bang for your buck” in regards to switching up a look. Nonetheless, before doing an overhaul, consider using peel and stick wallpaper. If you’re not […]