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couple testing a mattress in store

How to choose a mattress for your bed at home

Losing sleep can be attributed to so many factors. It might be because of stress, problems, health issues and more. But, did you know that you can also lose sleep because of your mattress? It may seem unusual for a mattress to be a cause of lack of sleep, but there are instances where it […]

orange yellow carpet

What to consider when choosing a carpet

There’s a reason that carpets turn up time and time again in the pages of flooring catalogues, and that’s because they’re so comfortable and friendly to our feet. Carpets continue to be a fan favourite in many homes, particularly in living areas such as the living room and bedrooms, for this very reason. However, when […]

messy dorm room

5 dorm room organization tips for a happier lifestyle

A messy, disorganized dorm room can make your college years a nightmare. Here are 5 dorm room organization tips to keep you happy and healthy during college! Having your own dorm room is worlds better than living at home. You get to decorate it however you want, have friends over whenever you please, and come […]

wooden bed with white bedsheets

How can you make your bed comfortable

Your bed is probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you come home from a tiring day’s work, or it is something that you don’t want to leave and stay wrapped in when you wake up early in the morning. A bedroom is the most private room inside any house, so it […]