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young woman resting after home cleaning

Useful tips for cleaning your home

We all love a freshly cleaned home. But that is not always the case in our homes. You will admit that your home could be cleaner than it already is but maybe you are being overwhelmed by where to begin. Of course, it’s impossible to do everything at once. However, with the right tricks and […]

bottles with cleaning substances

The best cleaning products to use in your home

Often due to lack of research and knowledge and for the purpose of convenience, people turn to expensive products to clean their homes. But the best cleaning products are often cheap, cheerful and items that most people already have in their homes. Here are some of the top cleaning products that everybody needs (and they […]

So sparkly: the ultimate guide on how to clean kitchen sinks

Has it been several days, maybe longer, since you last scrubbed your kitchen? The telltale sign that your kitchen needs cleaning is a dull grimy sink. Our kitchen sinks see a lot of action every day from dirty hands and used cookware to house plants and more. We’d like to think running water and rinsing […]

damp on the wall

Top tips for treating damp in the home

Damp, a common problem that can strike when you least expect it. Affecting not just older buildings, but modern new builds. Learning how to remove damp from the house is a life skill that many homeowners should take the time to master. Whether from the threat of rising damp, penetrating damp to the development and […]