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large grey garage door

Potential garage door mechanical problems

Garage door repair solutions are sometimes fully mechanical in nature. One of the main categories of garage door problems could be called mechanical problems. Sometimes these problems need to be fixed by an experienced technician, but many times they are well within the capabilities of a homeowner to fix. Often a mechanically damaged or defective […]

old car in old garage

Garage conversion 101: things to consider before converting your garage into a room

A garage conversion is probably the smartest way to extend your living space. If the garage is attached to your home, it’s easier to convert it into a room. You can build a home office, extend your kitchen, create an extra bedroom or family room – the possibilities are endless. If you have a large […]

man and his 2 kids in the garage

5 simple steps for a total garage makeover

For many of us, the garage is more than a place to store our cars. It may be a workshop, a hangout place, or even an unorganized mess of storage. That’s why many people are starting to take their garage and make it into something special. If you’ve ever wondered how to begin making over […]