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empty old house needing renovation

Hidden costs of renovating a home no one tells you about

You just moved into your new house, but the house calls for a little touch-up. So, you’ve decided to renovate! You have all incredible ideas drawn upon your mind, you have identified your builders and have set up your budget. While you may be utterly excited by your prospects, the actual process of renovating your […]

large front porch

8 front porch renovation ideas for a warm home welcome

How much curb appeal does your house have? Is your home warm and inviting? Or is it not all that remarkable? It could be that your front porch has become tired and dated. If so, it may be time for a front porch makeover. But what goes into such a thing? We’ve got eight suggestions […]

couple assembling furniture

8 renovation safety tips to keep in mind

It’s not a crime to renovate or remodel a certain space of your house with your own hands, especially if you want to save up on hiring a professional to do it for you. But while you may want to spruce up the place to match your desired aesthetics that you envisioned, it is a […]

large grey roof

10 reasons why you can’t ignore your roof repairs

Your roof is the part of the house that requires attention just like your pets. Even though it has half the life of a turtle on the average, it is bound to get old just like you. With time and facing continuous weather atrocities, roofs get damaged, beginning to wear out. However, the real problem […]