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DIY don’ts for your most successful home renovation projects yet

To be honest, investing your time, energy and money into renovating your home and spicing it up from time to time probably aren’t your most favourite things in the world. Still, this is something you need to do if you want your home to be as attractive, cosy, comfortable and inviting as it can be. […]

outdoor pool cover

How to perform a pool cover repair?

Murphy’s law can foretell that if a hole is to evolve in your pool cover, it will occur in the regretful time of year – wintertime! Just like other pool equipment needs repair, same is the case with your pool covers. No matter which covers type it is, you need to maintain it for prolonged […]

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Your complete guide to home plumbing maintenance every homeowner needs to know

The pipes hidden in the walls and beneath the sinks are easily overlooked on a daily basis. Homeowners should prioritize their maintenance, however, because leaks and malfunctions lead to expensive repairs. Be on top of your home plumbing maintenance by following this complete guide to pipe care. Your home will operate like a finely tuned […]

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Why it’s important to choose a master plumber

Everyone thinks they can be a bit of a DIY expert from time to time. Remember that one time you painted the fence without calling for help? What about when you replaced the washer on the tap and only went through a few wet towels to get it right? You don’t need a plumber; you […]