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Decorating with light: 7 easy tips that will embellish your tiny house

When it comes to small homes and tiny houses, maximizing the usable space is of great importance in order to be able to have a functional home without lacking anything. Decoration options are quite limited for tiny homes from obvious reason. While we can all agree that tiny houses look adorable as they are due […]

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6 foolproof decorating ideas for your new home

Congratulation, you have bought a new home. Now, chances are that you want to renovate a little bit to hide a few flaws or make something you like more prominent. However, unlike professionals, we often get lost when it comes to making such decisions. When it comes to making a bold statement or sticking to […]

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10 excellent ideas for room decoration

“That sofa bed with your new throw pillow, that coffee table and that lampshade on top of it, that fine silk upholstery and those cushions in your guest room; when it comes to room décor, every little knick-knack plays an elemental role in making it efficient and impressive. Read below and get inspired to decorate […]

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Buying tables for your home: how to pick the right one

It’s said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. But, you could argue that your table is where you and your family gather, making it the true heart. If you’re looking for a new table, this process can feel rather overwhelming. There are so many different options when buying tables. For example, what […]