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floral table top cover

How to select the best table top cover

A survey held in the US households showed that a decorated tabletop would make your food taste better. It is not just the taste and aroma of the dish itself, but the ambiance around will also contribute to its taste. So, a well-decorated table is a key factor in making your food taste great. While […]

kitchen remodeling

Things to consider when remodelling your kitchen

Do you feel it’s time to spice up your cooking space? You have thought of something very beneficial. Remember your home is not complete without a functional kitchen. Otherwise, where will you make your meals? Besides a well-maintained kitchen inspires you to make healthy meals because you have space and the resources you need. You […]

So sparkly: the ultimate guide on how to clean kitchen sinks

Has it been several days, maybe longer, since you last scrubbed your kitchen? The telltale sign that your kitchen needs cleaning is a dull grimy sink. Our kitchen sinks see a lot of action every day from dirty hands and used cookware to house plants and more. We’d like to think running water and rinsing […]

spanish style kitchen

Spanish revival kitchens: 7 elements that you should know about

Spanish revival style hinges on influences from all over the Mediterranean. It first came to light outside of Europe during the 1950s, as more travelers than ever before started traveling to Spain. In the years between 1950 and 1987, tourism to Spain increased more than 50-fold! Today, it remains a popular trend in California where […]