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green theme large living room

Are you trying to choose interior paint colors? Use these ideas!

The simplest method of picking great interior paint colors really is just beginning with the specific colors you already know you adore. If you begin your decision-making process with the array of colors you already prefer, then you’re not stuck with using only the conventional color schemes traditionally associated with individual decorating styles. You should […]

kitchen island

Kitchen color ideas: 7 hot picks

Many hard decisions are undertaken in the kitchen, whether it’s figuring out what to cook for Sunday dinner or deciding on the colors of the walls, cabinets, and countertops. You want colors that bring out your mood and taste. Some people are out to create warm and welcoming spaces. Others want their kitchens to feel […]

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5 interior painting tips and tricks that even commercial painters use

When it comes to painting, commercial painters really have it down a fine art, which it truly is. The results they get speak for themselves. Often times those results come with a high price tag that leaves homeowners and business owners wondering how to get commercial painting results without having to hire a commercial painter. […]