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metal window shutters

Bushfire shutters – what benefits do you get using such shutters?

If you live in an area that is especially vulnerable to bushfires, you would like to consider taking all possible precautions to ensure that your house is secure from these problems. With the help of roller shutters for your doors and windows, you can get an additional layer of defense against extreme heat and the […]

beige vertical blinds

Blinds to consider when you have cats in the house

Cats are adorable, lovable, and playful, and it’s because of this that many homeowners adore them – that being said, cats can also be very destructive. This usually due to their inquisitive and playful natures, meaning they’re always looking to know what’s going on around them and to explore their surroundings, as well as their […]

large bay windows

9 different types of windows for your home

Are the windows that you have in your home now hurting your curb appeal? Are they taking a toll on your home’s energy efficiency? Or are they simply difficult to open and close? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should consider replacing your old windows with new ones. These are just […]

house with dormers over garage

4 areas of your home you should inspect every summer

Your home, rather than being static, changes fairly dynamically throughout the year. This means that each new season brings with it unique challenges that you must address to protect your home’s integrity. The summer, with its high heat and heavy rain, poses particular challenges for homes of all types. Here are four areas of your […]