Yarrio Cleaning Channeling your inner Marie Kondo: the top tips for decluttering your home

Channeling your inner Marie Kondo: the top tips for decluttering your home

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Do you ever feel like you belong on the TV Show Hoarders? Although the individuals on that show have a true psychological condition, you may sometimes relate to having way too much stuff in your own home.

Knowing how to organize your home, prevent clutter, and improve your sense of contentment in your home may seem like an impossible task. But, there are some simple things you can do to start the process.

If it seems overwhelming, remember that you don’t have to do all of this in one day. Tackle one suggestion at a time!

Read on to learn how to eliminate clutter and organize your home.

How to Organize Your Home in 9 Simple Steps

There are lots of ways to organize your home, but before you hit the Ikea and start buying storage bins, consider decluttering.

Your house is an extension of you. If you feel out of control, confined, or just not happy in your space you have the ability to change it.

Below are 9 steps to decluttering your home or office. Try a few and see if you don’t feel better and who knows you might make a few dollars along the way.

1. Start with 5 Minutes

You don’t have to set aside your entire day to organize and declutter. Give yourself 5 solid minutes. Tackle a drawer or desk space, clean. Then walk away, it will help to prevent the task from feeling so overwhelming.

2. The Four-Box Method

This is a simple matter to keep yourself organized as you declutter. Find 4 boxes, label them: trash, give-away or donate, keep, or sell.

Take some time with each item and decide what is best for it, and your life at this point. If you have keepsakes, you may want to add a box, so that family heirlooms can be kept.

The rule here is to make sure that you cannot keep more than will fit in the box.

3. Give Away One Item Each Day

If something gives you great joy share it with a friend. If you have a favorite book, sign the inside and pass it on. Ask whomever you gave it to, to not return it but pass it on after signing it…
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