Yarrio Bedroom How to choose a comfortable mattress?

How to choose a comfortable mattress?

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Do you want to buy a comfortable mattress on which your sleep would turn not just into relaxation, but into a real healing procedure?

To make the right choice, stock up on a solid load of information about what products are offered for sale, what are the properties of the models and which ones are optimal for you.

When choosing the a good mattress you need to be guided, first of all, by your own preferences, ideas about convenience and, of course, financial capabilities.

Just don’t think that inexpensive mattresses are of poor quality. And among cheap models it is quite possible to choose something that will help you fulfill your dream of a comfortable and healthy sleep.

But, in addition to your own preferences and ideas, you need to know some rules and represent the properties and features of the models and materials from which they are made.

Which mattress to choose: hard or soft?

Most often, people prefer to order an orthopedic mattress, practically having no idea what it is. And this is nothing more than a product that allows the user’s spine to remain straight during sleep.

At the same time, it is worth noting that only a few manufacturers have confirmed the right to name their products with a medical term, that is, the actual benefits for the spine of their mattresses. For example, the Ascona and Toris factories have such a certificate.

The good supportive effect in mattresses is achieved in various ways. But the main thing that needs to be learned when choosing is that everything is very individual.

The same product can provide a “straight back” effect for one user but not for another. It all depends on the weight of the person who will fit on it.

So, under a user with a lot of weight, the soft mattress will bend in the middle, and the posture it takes will be harmful to the spinal column.

A man or woman with a low weight is not able to bend the rigid filler enough and the spine will be in a curved state.

Therefore, when choosing a mattress, correlate its properties and your physical data.

Tips for choosing a mattress

People with more weight should pay attention to rigid products. These can be springless models made of dense materials with a long service life or spring-loaded models with thick reinforced springs.

For people with low weight, it is better to prefer springless mattresses filled with natural latex, soft spring and products where coir is not used.

The elderly is not suitable for models with a high degree of rigidity. But soft and medium-hard are what they need.

For a sore lower back, sleeping on a hard mattress can be a real torture. Only soft models with well-flexing filling will be the ideal solution for them.

For those with problems with the upper spine, firm mattresses are better suited. They will provide optimal support for…
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