Is cleaning white leather sofa your phobia?

white sofa

White leather sofa cleanse and maintenance have always prevented households from getting an elegant and luxury area in your room.

If you are desperate for this kind of sofa, you must be very careful. The leather material, together with the white color, is not something you can wipe down just with a wet cloth.

Besides, cleaning too harshly will ruin the leather material. As leather is porous, it is more vulnerable than other materials, in spite of the fact that it is durable.

Therefore, when cleaning, being gentle is a must. Besides, applying some cleaning tips, as following, can help you maintain the white leather sofa better.

White leather sofa cleaning tips

Before you start bringing the beauty back to your white leather sofa with a cleaning product, you have to test it first. This is considerably important.

Remember to test the cleaning product on a small portion which is not easily noticed. There are some types of cleaning products that can cause discoloration and damages to your lovely sofa.

So, testing is needed to ensure whether this cleaning product is suitable for your sofa and avoid possible damages.

If everything is fine and the small area is clean without any damages or discoloration, the cleaning product is usable. Then use a mild body wash with a soft, clean and damp cloth to rub the leather sofa.

Do it in a circular motion with gentle pressure. Circular motion will help the white leather sofa to be easily clean than the normal motion like straight.

Don’t do it too harshly to avoid a mass of bubbles and don’t make the leather sofa too wet. Both of them could affect the durability of your sofa. Instead, keeping the sofa damp and moist is suggested.

In case the soft cloth is soiled, you should rinse it and then re-apply the washing product. After that, using a clean and damp cloth to wipe the area that you have done the cleanse before budding it with a clean, dry cloth.

Don’t let it wet or damp because the leather material is more vulnerable in this situation, thus, lowering the durability of the leather sofa.

In case there are still stains on the white leather sofa when you cleansing it with gentle pressure, try rubbing the stain with a soft cloth which is dipped in non-acetone nail polish remover.

Before doing so, make sure that you have tested the solution in a small area before applying it in a mass area. This will prevent the leather sofa from possible damages and discoloration caused by acetone nail polish remover…
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