Yarrio Garden,Property Composite decking: how much does it really cost?

Composite decking: how much does it really cost?

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When deciding to upgrade your deck to composite decking, the initial cost can sometimes be hard to justify. You know it is an eco-friendly option that is long lasting compared to a wooden deck, but you also know it’s expensive to install a quality WPC deck at $3.50 and $6.00 per a third of a metre.

Timber for pressure-treated wood for a more traditional deck will only cost you around $5.00 – $7.00 per 2.5 metre board. Directly comparing these material costs don’t give insight into the whole story.

On average, a deck usually measures around 37 sq. mt. If we estimate the cost of pine boards for approximately 6 x 6 metres of decking, the total would be roughly $3000. For high-quality composite decking, the material would cost closer to $5,600.

What erases this price difference is that just after 2-3 years of maintenance, the composite decking will come out on the cheaper end than a traditional wooden deck.

When outputting money on your home, no one wants to spend more than they have to. There are several contributing factors when purchasing any product that contributes to the total costs.

When uncovering the ‘hidden costs’, buying a higher-priced item that is of a higher quality begins to make sense. This next example will help provide further perspective.

Warning: The Cheaper Option Can Cost More Over Time

It can seem frivolous to purchase a reliable, high-quality and well-maintained vehicle at first. If you were to research online, you would reveal many cars that are already on sale for much less than the initial output. Why would you spend $8000 on a car when you can easily spend less on another vehicle?

Long-term value and the total cost of ownership measures the total amount of time and money that will be spent on something while you own it. This can be the same for when comparing how much composite decking and wood costs.

Initially, traditional wooden deck lumber and installation will cost less, to keep it performing well and looking good it will need constant maintenance and attention and is where further financial output is required. Whether you hire someone or do the work yourself, the costs continue to add up year by year.

Yearly Sealing Costs

Wood for decking is susceptible to the damage of moisture. It is naturally absorbent meaning that water is likely to seep into it.

Problems can arise from this, such as mould and mildew on the surface, and more structural damage as a result of rot. Preventative measures are best…
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