Yarrio Home Repairs Everything you need to know about drywall screw gun

Everything you need to know about drywall screw gun

drywall screw gun

While installing drywall in your home or office, you have to choose a tool that works effectively and one that does not damage the delicate drywalls. For its installation, you will require a drywall screw gun to drive screws in and secure it.

This article explains everything you need to know about the drywall screw gun. After reading it you will know what a drywall screw gun is, the benefits of using one over a power drill, and the process of using a drywall screw gun.

The article also provides safety precautions on how to avoid suffering an injury and recommends a drywall screw gun you should consider acquiring.

What is a Drywall Screw Gun?

A drywall screw gun is an electric specialty tool that is used to drive screws into drywalls (gypsum walls). It may also be used on wood.

It has a grip, a trigger, and a nose that is shaped like the one on a drill. It also has an automatic screw feeder. This means that you don’t need to insert a new one each time you pull the trigger.

It may sometimes be confused with a power drill due to their similarities. However, the screw gun lacks the drill head and has several advantages over the drill gun.

Benefits of Using Drywall Screw Gun

Depth Setting

This is the most advantageous feature of the drywall screw gun. On the nose of the screw gun, you can set the depth to which the screws are driven into the drywall.

This is done once before you start using the screw gun and you don’t have to keep adjusting the depth. This is not possible with the power drill.

With the depth setting, you avoid damage to the drywall or gypsum, which is delicate. The screw holes around the gypsum are also protected from damage thus the installation’s strength will not be compromised.


When driving screws into drywall, you will require to get the process right to avoid damaging the drywall. With this screw gun, unlike a drill where you have to estimate how far you have to drive the screw, you can achieve consistent results.

That means all the screws are driven into the same level and with the same force applied. This is partly as a result of the depth setting, discussed next.

Ease of Use and Speed

The process of using a drywall screw gun is not complicated at all. You will be able to use it easily, and simple instructions manual will serve as clarification in case of any confusion. You don’t need the…
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