Yarrio Garage Garage conversion 101: things to consider before converting your garage into a room

Garage conversion 101: things to consider before converting your garage into a room

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A garage conversion is probably the smartest way to extend your living space. If the garage is attached to your home, it’s easier to convert it into a room. You can build a home office, extend your kitchen, create an extra bedroom or family room – the possibilities are endless.

If you have a large garage, you can even turn it into a second dwelling and rent it out to get an extra income.

Functional in a number of ways, a garage conversion is a worthy investment.

However, like any other home remodeling project, it’s crucial to plan your garage conversion properly. Here are the key things to consider before converting your garage into a room.

Cost Considerations

With everything taken into consideration, the garage conversion cost is often cheaper than adding an extra room onto your house, as there are no heavy construction or foundational changes involved.

Based on the building codes in your location, any addition to your home might require an expensive foundation to be built. If the garage is already up-to-code, it’s easier to bypass these expenses.

The money saved from dealing with these additional costs can be applied to your interior design, electricity, plumbing, and finishing touches to build a new, comfortable living room.


Is the garage attached to your home? If so, you can extend your existing heating/cooling system into an extra space. If not, consider an independent system.

For instance, you can supply heat via gas space heaters or electric baseboards wood stoves. A room air conditioner can handle warm weather easily. Don’t forget to add insulation to the ceiling, walls, and floor before choosing what you’ll be cooling or heating the space with.

Radiant floor heating systems are a great option – you can install one easily on your existing concrete slab.


If you are planning to turn your garage into a room that requires plumbing, it might get a bit tricky.

As you know, supplying water to your garage is hassle-free, but drainage can be problematic. Talk to a plumber to figure out what your best options are. Also, keep in mind that additional plumbing lines are almost always the most noteworthy expense in garage conversion projects.

Ultimately, the room doesn’t necessarily require plumbing – it’s just a viable option for those considering a ”Granny flat”…
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