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History of garden gnomes

garden gnomes

Garden gnomes originated as a decoration for wealthy Europeans. However, their popularity in gardens and lawns have spread throughout the western world, among different social classes. Garden gnomes are basically lawn ornaments figurines of small humanoid creatures. Traditionally, they mostly depict male dwarfs wearing red pointy hats. Gnomes typically stand between one and two feet. Recently, miniature gnomes of only a few inches in height have been introduced.

These statues you come across with resembling a human being are normally used for decoration. They are found in a variety of poses. Although garden gnomes are typically male with beards, you will occasionally come across female garden gnome or girl garden gnomes these days. They are considered good luck symbols when placed in a home compound or garden.

So, how did it all began?

The history of garden gnomes dates back in the 16th century during the times of Renaissance. The tradition of putting a gnome in the garden stated a while ago. The traditional garden gnomes were mostly made holding garden tools such as rakes or shovels to help with chores such as sweeping and planting. The current gnomes made of plastic or plaster materials you see today are far different from the original garden gnomes. Most of them today depict sleeping, reading or just relaxing.

The first garden gnomes were produced in Germany back in the early 1800s. These ones were made using clay. After their first appearance in gardens in England back in 1840, their popularity continued to increase and so far, there are a number of garden gnomes for sale. The big names involved in the manufacturing of these gnomes include Philip Griebel and August Heissner. Actually, Heissner became a popular household name when it came to the gnome facts.

The production of most garden gnomes in Germany was later affected by world wars. Nevertheless, the plastic gnomes you see today started to be manufactured at the beginning of 1960. These gnomes could still be afforded by few due to their prices but as time went by, companies in the Czech Republic and Poland started making cheaper imitations of the German products. Of course, this came in handy due to its pocket-friendly budget. However, this made them lose respect for some time but they have made a comeback. There are a few manufacturers who are still manufacturing clay and resin gnomes and finishing them by hand. Thus making them different from the processed ones. Therefore, it is possible to get unique garden gnomes in the market.

Gnomes history may shed more light on why you would want one in your garden. For instance, gnomes were originally thought to provide protection to the buried treasure and minerals in the ground. Interestingly, they are still used today to watch over the livestock or crops in the garden. Generally, placing of garden gnomes in the garden brings that connection to the old world since farmers believed in good luck charm to help their farms to produce more and protect them from pests among other problems.

Garden gnome history goes back to the mythical history where they were thought to live underground. That is the major reason they were so major in most German fairy tales where they were described as old men who guarded treasures.

The look of garden gnomes

Basically, the garden gnomes produced throughout the world have more or less the same look. They usually come with a long, white beard, a red hat, and simple clothes. In the few cases of female gnomes, they come with the same hat and a simple dress but they look more like witches. Gone are the days when getting a variety of gnomes was a challenge. It is now possible to get them in different sizes, consumes and configurations. There are gnomes built-in solar lighting, while others taking baths or mooning onlookers. More so, you can actually opt for funny garden gnomes just to give you a laugh. As much as the current one doesn’t have the traditional intent, as long as they are making you happy they have already served their purpose. Even those people who didn’t like these creatures now have a reason to own one since they come with different tastes.

The different types of gnomes

Nowadays, garden gnomes are available in a wide variety of materials. Henceforth, you can buy them according to your garden or preference. If you are not ready to give your gnome maximum attention and maintenance, then the better option should be the ones made of plastic. Why so? Because the collectible gnomes require a lot of care.

There are people who love antique kinds of stuff. In case you get antique gnome, remember that it is not meant for the garden. There are people who believe that caring for your garden gnome properly will likely bring good luck and goodwill to will. However, this depends on your faith.

When purchasing a garden gnome, for the first time, there are certain things you should put into consideration. Such things include:

  • Maintenance and care
  • Weather condition
  • Repair options
  • Durability

If you opt to buy the clay ones, remember to provide them with shelter during the winter season and place them in an environment free of frost. If this is too much to ask for your large garden gnomes, then you can go for Kimmel gnomes. They are made with frost resistant stoneware pottery and they can stand extreme external weather condition. In other words, they require less maintenance.

Another type of gnomes is stone and concrete gnomes. These ones can easily be damaged by moisture especially during winter seasons. One of the best ways to protect them would be applying concrete or masonry sealant on them so as to protect them from moisture and extreme weather condition. If your gnome is painted, make sure you place it in a dry area away from water and snow. This is important so that the pant doesn’t fade away easily.

Yard gnomes made of resin material are quite durable and easy to maintain. The material used to make them is a synthetic polymer and it is weather resistant. Resin gnomes are also attractive and they are available at affordable prices.

Important tip: Make sure you wax your gnome at least once a year. If you do so, they will remain attractive for the longest time possible.

The best inappropriate garden gnomes

Have you considered putting a smile on your visitors’ faces as they walk your pathway when they come across crazy inappropriate garden gnomes? This is also a nice way of showing the outside world your personality.

The inappropriate garden gnomes come in different colors, sizes, shapes, and themes. Below are just a few examples:

a) The mooning garden gnome

This is a daring gnome to have in your garden. It is a fun example of a naughty gnome. This is a great way of showing your personality to your first-time visitors. It will also add some adventures to your garden, in a crazy way though. When you have this type of gnome in your garden, be sure it will attract the attention of every visitor who comes to your home. It will also make a great piece of conversation.

b) Go away gnome

You can as well opt to buy a gnome that clearly informs the unwanted visitors to go away. This inappropriate gnome will say these words by its angry facial expression. This is a great addition to your garden just to show off your funny side that most people close to you would have never known.

c) Zombie horror garden gnomes

You just cannot ignore Zombie garden gnomes! They are creepy and scary, to say the least. They actually represent the horror theme. You can use these horror gnomes to showcase your dark and hilarious humor to the world. They also come in handy when looking for Halloween decoration. You can also place them in your garden if you are a fun of horror movies and shows such as the Walking Dead. They do a commendable job when used as holiday decorations and they know how to do their job well. They will always frighten visitors when they first spot them when they least expect it.

You should consider placing one in your garden so that all creatures who dare to nibble on your tulips or dig up those radishes to think twice lest they provoke this scary looking guy next to them and hell breaks out. No one on this earth would wish that to happen.

The best way to celebrate your garden

After a long season of winter, you ought to welcome spring by celebrating your garden. The simplest way to do this is by placing a celebrating garden gnome. Relaxing in your garden gives you a wonderful feeling. If you made a few additions to it inform of garden gnomes, the outcome will be impressive.

Funny garden gnomes can also showcase your humorous personality to your visitors as they relax and have a good time in your garden.

A garden gnome is a perfect addition your garden yearns for. When buying, ensure you consider their durability and the ability to withstand strong outdoor elements such as the sun and rain.

Things to know before buying a garden gnome

Investing in a garden gnome is a perfect idea. However, for it to serve better and for the longest, you need to put into consideration certain information such as:

a) The location you intend to place your gnomes

First things first, make sure you choose the right location for your yard gnomes. So, which is the best location? The most impressive thing about garden gnomes is that you can place them in different sections of your yard or garden. If you want to be more creative, consider having it somewhere in the bushes hiding and staring at your visitors. If you are going to have a gnome with a sign to welcome your visitors, then you might want to place it near to your entrance or the gardens pathway that leads to your door. The choice is yours. However, placing a gnome under a tree looks more natural.

b) The number of gnomes to have

This will entirely depend on the size of your garden or yard. The golden rule here is not to overpopulate the place. If you do, your garden will look unappealing. In fact, it is better to stick on one or two before you consider increasing the number. It is better to plan on how exactly you want your garden or yard to look like so that you don’t end up buying more than you need.

c) Consider the materials used to make it

You may want to have a closer look at the materials used so that you can be sure that it will suit your personal needs. In most cases, the location you intend to place your gnomes will dictate the material you gnome you should choose. If you want a long-lasting yard gnome, then choose the ones painted by UV resistant paint. This way, you can be guaranteed that your gnome will last for quite some time.

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