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Home cleaning and maintenance errors you should avoid to do

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Unknowingly, you may be making it harder to clean and maintain your home. Maybe you have been forgetting to replace the water you use to clean the mop. Perhaps you’re still using the same old and tattered sponge to scrub the kitchen sink.

If you’re doubting your current home clean-up routine, then you should read on. I’ll enumerate and discuss the common cleaning mistakes of many homeowners today.

Spraying solution directly on the furniture

A lot of people tend to spray polishing and cleaning solutions directly on their furniture and decor. If you’re guilty of doing the same, then you too have been using your cleaners the wrong way.

If you spray the solution directly, you waste too much product on one furnishing. Additionally, you may be damaging the surface of your furnishings. It’s better to spray the solution on a soft and clean cloth or microfiber.

Never cleaning the air filter of your vacuum

A vacuum cleaner becomes less efficient in sucking dirt and other kinds of debris if you fail to clean its air filter.

It also becomes highly susceptible to damage because the stuck solid debris in the filter may puncture the vacuum dirt bag or get dislodged in the suctioning mechanism of the machine.

To avoid this problem, you must clean the filter every week. Empty the dirt bag regularly, most especially if you use the cleaner daily.

Neglecting the cracked grout

You must never take for granted cracked or damaged grout. Otherwise, your home, furnishings, and decors might suffer from water damage.

While you might be able to restore some of your water-damaged furniture, you may have to deal with expensive structural repairs if your wooden beams, insulation, and ceilings rot.

Because water, moisture and vapor easily seep into cracks, you must immediately repair a damaged or cracked grout. Start by cleaning the cracked areas with vinegar mixture.

Then, proceed to remove the loose parts. Be extra careful to avoid chipping the tile.

Failing to clean the mop/sponge properly

If you don’t wash the mop or sponge you use to wipe the floor or tiles, you’ll end up spending longer hours to complete your cleaning task. Take notice of the water…
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