Yarrio Property Legal issues every homeowner should know

Legal issues every homeowner should know

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Buying a new home and eventually settling down is a great step worth celebrating. Getting that furniture inside is a great relief to its occupants.

However, the problems arise when you are not aware of the occurrence of legal issues and how to handle them.

Therefore, as a homeowner, it is important to know how to handle legal issues such as insurance, warranties, homeowners associations, mortgages and much more.

When you are well prepared, you will be able to handle any unforeseen legal problems if they occur.

Your rights as a homeowner

Now that you are a homeowner, it is only fair that you enjoy your stay in that home to the fullest. Being your home, you have certain rights that go along with the property ownership.

It is important to know them so that you can utilize them accordingly. They will also help you to know that is expected of you from your neighbours and your state in general. Some of these rights include:

1. Total ownership

As a homeowner, you fully possess that property. In other words, you have the right to exercise physical control over that property.

Hence, you have the right to occupy the home without any interference. How you use your home is entirely your business.

You are at liberty to do whatever you wish with your house. In fact, there are countless ways to use your home. So, go ahead and utilize it as your heart desires.

2. Home ownership transfer

As a homeowner, you have the freedom to transfer your home to someone else. When you do so, the new owner will possess the rights you have been enjoying on your house. There are different ways to transfer your home to someone else such as:

Through a will

A will is a form of property transfer after the death of the owner. This can occur to parents or guardians who want to leave their properties to their children or any other person willing to transfer their home ownership to someone else for their own reasons. For your information, it is illegal to enforce the will prematurely or tamper with it.

There is also the inheritance law which governs those entitled to receive the home of the deceased. For instance, close relatives like spouses and children have the right to claim the property even when a will fails to include them.

As a gift

Yes, you read right. You have the right to gift your loved one with your home if you so desire. Gifting someone with a property gift is defined as a transfer of ownership…
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