Yarrio Bedroom How to choose an ideal mattress: top tips and buying advice

How to choose an ideal mattress: top tips and buying advice

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According to studies, the market size of the mattress industry will reach $43 billion by 2024. This is due to the rise in home refurbishment pursuits and home ownership in general.

But, how do consumers choose their mattresses? Well, in this article we’re going to look at some tips on how to choose the ideal mattress.

We’ll also highlight some key features you should keep in mind when making your final decision.

Top 4 Tips for Choosing the Ideal Mattress

With so many different types of mattresses to choose from, knowing how to pick the best one for your needs can be difficult. Luckily, there are some simple tips you can keep in mind so that you make the right choice.

Here are four of them:

1. Gauge Whether It’s Actually Time for a New Mattress

Before you go mattress shopping, consider the age of your current model. Some mattresses are expensive. If you’re on a budget and your mattress still has some mileage in it, we suggest you stick to it for a while longer.

Typically, you can expect your mattress to show signs of wear after about eight years. So, before buying a new one, check for the following issues:

  • Sagging
  • Problems with the stitching
  • Lack of support

Also, if you experience any of the following, you should check the quality of your mattress and bed:

  • Pain
  • Restless sleep
  • Fatigue when awakening

If these are symptoms you didn’t experience before, it could be due to your mattress.

2. Think About Your Sleeping Position

The majority of people have a unique position that they like to sleep in each night. If this is the case for you, you should keep this in mind when choosing your new mattress.

By taking a minute to think about your ideal sleeping position, you will have a better idea of the firmness you need for your new mattress. Typically, you will need a mattress with:

  • Very soft to medium firmness if you sleep on your side
  • Soft to very firm mattress if you sleep on your stomach
  • Medium to medium-firm mattress if you sleep on your back

The majority of people don’t sleep on their back. With this in mind, they need a specific firmness to ensure maximum comfort…
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