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How to cool down a room without air conditioning

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Are you among the 25 percent of Americans without air conditioning in their homes? Or perhaps you have an air conditioner that has broken down, or you just want to find ways to lower your electric bill during the hottest, most uncomfortable months.

In any case, you don’t have to sweat in your room day and night just because you don’t have air conditioning. You have many ways to adapt your living space and habits to cool down.

If you’re wondering how to cool down a room without AC, read on for a list of 11 helpful tricks to try!

1. Check Your Windows

Do you find that your room gets really hot during the day? Then you should change how you use your windows and window coverings immediately.

If you tend to leave your windows open to get some fresh air, keep in mind that you also let the warmer air in your home.

So, if you want to keep your home cool, consider closing the windows when it’s warmest outside and opening them at night to let the cooler air in. Even better, open multiple windows when it’s cool so you can get a nice cross breeze.

And if you leave your curtains and blinds open to let some light in, the heat from the sun is also helping to warm up your room.

Shut your blinds and curtains if you want a cooler room. You might even consider getting some blackout curtains or a black film that can help lessen the impact on your room’s temperature.

2. Turn Unnecessary Lights Off

When looking into how to make a room cooler, don’t only consider the sun as a problematic light source that raises your room’s temperature. All of the artificial lights you might have in lamps or ceiling fans add to the problem as well.

Since you probably need at least some light to do activities during the day, you may not find it practical to completely shut off your lamps.

Instead, you can try to use light bulbs that give off less heat such as LED bulbs. You can also cut down the light bulbs used in your room to just one if you currently have a fan that uses multiple bulbs.

3. Get a Dehumidifier

If you’ve ever been outside on a hot, sticky summer day, you know that the humidity can make hot weather more miserable. The same applies when you have high humidity levels in your home.

The best way to cool a room with a humidity issue is to buy a high-quality humidifier that you can fill with water and run during the day. Even better, you can find compact models that fit in a small room and use less energy.

Not only will this help cool your room, but you can gain other benefits for your health. For example, you might notice less irritation from…
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