Yarrio Pest Control How to prevent infestations in your home before they happen

How to prevent infestations in your home before they happen

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With the many bugs that can attack your home, it might feel like losing a battle since paying for a bug exterminator can cost you a fortune, not to mention your possessions that will be damaged in the process.

However, there are things that you can do early on to prevent them from happening. The first one is knowing what can attract house pests and finding appropriate ways to avoid them.

For more tips to bug-proof your home, here are some of the simple things you can do.

Keep Your Doors Sealed

Locked doors will not only protect you from intruders but also unwanted pests. If you carefully inspect your home, you might find numerous spaces, gaps, and crevices where bugs might pass through.

For your door, you can choose to install an aluminum threshold under it or put a door sweep under it. You can purchase a door sweep in your nearest hardware store.

This gadget will help you cover the gap in the door bottom and the threshold. Experts recommend choosing nylon brushes over neoprene and vinyl because they will provide you with the best protection.

You can also add a hydraulic device on your door which will automatically close the door for you if you ever forget to do so.

Most door closers are affordable, easy to use, and easy to find. Additionally, you won’t need professional help when installing one.

Install Screens

While windows and doors will give you natural ventilation and fresh air inside your home, some risks come with it. Most notably during summer, pests such as fleas, bugs, and mosquitoes are bound to invade your home if you leave your windows open.

Luckily, you can install screens and still enjoy the fresh air without the hassle of bugs entering your home. It is also easy to install and will only require you to use basic tools.

However, bugs can still sneak in when your current screens have tears and holes. To patch them up, you can:

  • Use scissors or a screwdriver to push the wires back in place
  • Put clear nail polish over the hole to seal it
  • Use a splining tool or staples to reattach loose frames

Keep Your Yard Clean

When it comes to fleas and mosquitoes, you may find that keeping your yard clean may have a considerable impact. Since mosquitoes would need stagnant water to breed, you can…
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