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How to replace a bathroom faucet – detailed guide

bathroom faucet

To give your bathroom a new look, replacing the faucet is a great way. There are simple and easy DIY steps to replace an old faucet with a new one. Getting such quality bathroom sink faucets that fit in the area is an important thing to keep in mind here.

How to Replace a Bathroom Faucet: Step-by-Step

Getting the Sink Ready

  1. Replacing a faucet requires some tools that you will need to fix the new faucet or remove the old one. The necessary tools are:
    • Bucket
    • Towel
    • Basin wrench
    • Adjustable wrench
    • Measuring tape
    • Flashlight
    • Scrubber
    • Plumbers tape
    • Soap or bathroom cleaner
    • Rag or cloth
    • New faucet
  2. Now you have to prepare your work area. Take out everything under the sink. Place a towel and a bucket below the sink to catch water that may drips down.
  3. Turn off the water supply through the valve underneath the sink. It is best to cut off the whole water supply of the bathroom sink.
  4. After shutting off the water supply, you should remove the excess water to reduce the water pressure. Turn all the faucets on and keep running and drain out all the water.

Removing the Old Faucet

  1. Disconnect the tube that connects the faucet to water supply. loosen the nuts fastening the hoses to the water supply and to the faucet by using the adjustable wrench. After losing them, you can do the rest by your hand. Wipe up the water drips to prevent warping or damage.
  2. Most of the faucets are fixed by locknuts and you have to loosen and unthread the nuts with wrench. Remove the washers and grasp the faucet with your hands and pull it out straightly. You can also use flashlight if you are facing trouble to locate the nuts. Put the gasket aside if there is any.
  3. Take a scrubber or a rag for scrubbing the mounting holes where your new faucet will sit. Use a soap or other detergent, rinse the area after cleaning and let it dry.
  4. After removing the old faucet, you need to buy the faucet that matches your sink system and can fit in the previous location.

Installing the New Faucet

  1. The first step is to fix the gasket in place. It is a rubber piece that stands between the sink and the faucet for proper sealing and prevents leaks. Place the gasket by matching holes with valves and the tailpipes. If there is no gasket in your new faucet, apply plumbers putty in thin layers before fixing.
  2. Now it is time to wrap the threads using plumbers tape. This is important to create a tight, lubricated and better seal. Wrap the faucet tailpipes with plumber’s tape but keep in mind that it shouldn’t spread outside the end of the pipe. It will prevent water leaking.
  3. Fix the new faucet by holding it in both hands and setting into the holes. Match the valves and tailpipes with appropriate holes and let the faucet sits on the position. After that, inset the washer above each tailpipe, twist by hands and then tighten the nuts with adjustable wrench. Do not tighten the nuts over because it may damage the sink.
  4. Each hose pipes have two ends. Attach one with the faucet and another with the water supply. use basin wrench to tighten the nuts. You need to work more carefully if you are attaching copper pipes as it is easy to break or twist.
  5. After connecting everything, turn on the water supply and the taps to check if the flush is working properly or not. While doing this, you need to check for drips and leaks. Let the hot and cold water running for about 2 minutes.

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