Yarrio Kitchen How to select the best table top cover

How to select the best table top cover

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A survey held in the US households showed that a decorated tabletop would make your food taste better. It is not just the taste and aroma of the dish itself, but the ambiance around will also contribute to its taste. So, a well-decorated table is a key factor in making your food taste great.

While many of the homeowners are keen about table decoration, most of them are less careful about protecting your tabletop while not in use. You have to be as careful when choosing a tabletop cover as you are while buying a table cloth or spreads. It is important to keep your tabletop safe from all the environmental impacts as dampness, moisture, heat, etc. extend its lifespan.

There are table covers available in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, which will help you keep your tabletop in good shape. If you tend to get perfect and elegant tabletop covers, it can not only protect its surface but also can be an appealing add-on to your interiors.

Things to consider while buying table covers

Table-top covers are now available in many user-friendly forms; from the kid-friendly stretchable canvas covers to plastic and different other materials. Here, we will discuss a couple of important things you need to consider while buying table top covers.

Shape and size

Proper size and shape of a tabletop cover will help to have a good fit, and otherwise, it may look awkward in your interiors. The one-size-fits-all type of table top covering is not appreciated in household interiors, where you may want to give it a more appealing look. So, always take proper measurements of your tabletop before getting o to buy a fitting-size cover for the same.


Along with size and shape, you need to consider the material used for making the cover properly. There are various options available as vinyl, cotton, plastic, polyester, and other synthetic mixes. Ensure that you choose the sturdiest material which can last for long and also is easily cleanable.


As a tabletop cover is an add-on to your interior décor, be mindful of the same styling. There are many shades and designs of tabletop coves available at the online stores. You may consider the theme of the house interior to identify the best matching choices out there. While the ivory table to covers can enhance a formal theme, usage of strong hues may give it a more dramatic and festive outlook to your interiors.

As you care for your tabletops, you need to care for the tabletop covers too. When they are off your table top, keep it aside at a clean and dry place. It is also important to clean them up once in a while, using warm water and soap. Some of the tabletop covers may be machine washable, so try to give it a gentle wash once in a while. You may find table top covers with a wide range of pricing tags, so make sure that you compare them all and go for the best value for money bargain out there.

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