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How to spend money on renovation before selling

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So the time has come to put your house on the market.

Maybe you have outgrown the family home and it’s time to upsize, or maybe you’re relocating to a new suburb a stone’s throw from your current neighbourhood, or maybe you’ve decided to sell up so you can travel the world.

Whatever your circumstances or reasons might be for selling your house, a typical dilemma that homeowners face at this juncture of their lives is deciding whether or not they should renovate their home before selling.

After all, an effective renovation might lift the value of your home and increase your profit margin when it finally goes under the hammer.

And let’s face it, a little extra cash wouldn’t go astray as you transition into this new phase of your life, would it?

If you’re one of those people, you can stop agonising, because the suffering is over. We have a solution to your problem.

In this article, we share five simple, cost-effective tips to spruce up key areas in your house, so you can achieve the highest sale price with the least amount of expenditure.

1. The kitchen

The trick to getting the most out of your kitchen is to revamp rather than to replace.

If you’re limited by a really tight budget, there are affordable ways to give your kitchen a new, revarnished look.

For example, at a cost of no more than a few hundred dollars you can resurface the cabinetry in your kitchen with laminate paint, which will add a much-needed shine to an otherwise outdated and lacklustre storage space.

However, if you can stretch your budget up to several thousand dollars, you can make your kitchen feel as if it has undergone an entire reconstruction.

Remove cabinet doors as well as visible end panels and replace these with new ones to create a modern, transformative look that is sure to please the eye.

On top of this, you can resurface the benchtop and install new tapware and handles. These small modifications are sure to add some sparkle to your kitchen and make a much stronger impression on potential homebuyers, without you having to go full-reno-mode on it.

2. The Bathroom

Again, it isn’t an overly difficult task to make your bathroom sparkle like new.

The trick is to create the illusion of newness through making small cosmetic changes, rather than going all out with a demolition team and wrecking ball.

For example, if your bathroom tiles remind you a little too much of Nanna’s house, you can resurface them with a bit of tile paint rather than replacing the tiles themselves.

You can slap this paint on yourself, but for the best results you’re probably better off hiring a specialist so it comes up squeaky clean and with the best possible finish…
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