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How to keep your home warm during winter

With the cold weather imminently approaching, you have most likely found yourself getting chillier by the day. If you’re finding that it is somewhat cold around the home and you are not sure why, you need to consider simple changes that could improve your comfort around the house.

To start with, you need to make sure your homes insulation and heating is working as expected. If you do not have home insulation, or your heating is not working effectively, you need to consider installing insulation or replacing your boiler.

If these two core elements are working fine but you’re still uncomfortable around the house, we recommend trying the below methods to keep yourself warm around the home this winter.

1. Hang Curtains

If you live in a house with blinds, but no curtains, it is time to hang curtains. Whilst homeowners have been moving away from hanging curtains in an attempt to make their homes more minimalist and stylish, curtains add value when it comes to keeping your home warm.

A thick set of curtains will block out cold draughts from the window and will keep the warmth in the room, stopping heat from escaping.

When you do hang curtains, we suggest that when you close your curtains, you push any curtain that covers your radiators behind the radiators so that the warmth produced by your heating is not blocked.

2. Replace Old Boilers

If your boiler is old, it’s time to replace it. Keeping your home warm is very much dependent on your heating system.

Whilst regular boiler servicing and general heating maintenance will keep old boilers working, it won’t necessarily be working as efficiently as it could.

If you think you need a boiler replacement but are unsure, do some research. You might find that your current boiler is extremely inefficient and needs replacing immediately.

If you do opt for a new boiler, be sure to go with a reliable local plumber that you can trust.

3. Place Down a Rug

If your feet are cold, you are cold. Cold floors have a real impact on comfort around the home. Even if you have carpet installed, the floor can still be cold, especially if you have floorboards and not concrete flooring.

By placing a rug in areas that you regularly stand, you will improve the floor insulation, helping your feet stay warm. This is especially worth doing in kitchens or hallways where…
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