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Maintenance checklist for old houses

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Old houses sometimes require a special attention in order to be maintained properly and their upkeep may seem complicated and hard to many. With just the right amount of organization, careful planning and just a bit of research on the subject, you can make this into something easy, simple and in some cases even fun.

Some will require determination as well as some prior knowledge and research and these are all you need in order to take care of an old house that you own, you have just bought or have just inherited.

Not every aspect of this house might be in high demand for care and hard work, especially since, if built properly, these structures are made to resist both time itself and all of its devastating factors.

The degree of your attention should therefore depend on the specific aspect of the house maintenance and any planning or organization that you make should be made in agreement with this notion.

The top priority checks

The things that demand monthly check and maintenance are few, but it is absolutely necessary for you to give them your full attention in order to make sure that they are in a perfect working order.

One of the things on this list is your heating system. If this system fails when the temperatures are already low, fixing it is million times more difficult, expensive and time consuming, time that by then you won’t have in abundance.

Of pretty much the same importance is to make sure that your air ducts, as well as your general house ventilation systems are in a proper working order.

Probably the most important thing, the thing that deserves most of your attention, when it comes to the maintenance of an old building is- the question of your plumbing system. There is a world of troubles just hiding behind the notion of blocked drains that just waits to be unleashed.

Make sure to check your drains at least once a month and don’t be afraid to ask for a professional plumbing help. This little extra mile could mean a lot for both your old house and you as its owner.

Also, make sure to regularly check your fire extinguisher and your fire alarm batteries, since you never know when you are going to need them the most. It is better to check them every month and never need them, than to need them just once and that they fail at that very occasion.

Periodic necessary checks

Not everything in your house requires your attention on a weekly or monthly basis. This however, doesn’t mean that it makes them insignificant, thus entitling you to completely ignore them.

Checking your toilets functionality, closet dryers, washing machine and doors and windows safety are all on the top of the list of your maintenance priorities and should all be addressed with special care and dedication.

The question of your house’s electric circuits is not a thing to be trifled with and should be checked at least twice a year. This however, as well as the aforementioned plumbing problem solving, is not something that is a work for a laymen and should therefore be dealt with by a professional.

Making your houses power in a stable and reliable position, is of crucial importance and should therefore not be overlooked in any situation whatsoever.

However difficult or demanding it may seem at times, the maintenance of old house is often necessary and should be done with care and attention. With the help of careful planning, some research on your side, as well as openness to professional help and advice, from time to time, it may not prove to be such a hard task as you feared it would be at first.

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