Yarrio Bedroom Memory foam vs spring mattress: which one is better for you?

Memory foam vs spring mattress: which one is better for you?

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The first innerspring mattresses may not be as comfortable as expected but they are affordable and supportive enough.

Thus, companies started to source and maximize other materials to offer different types of mattresses to consumers.

Since NASA engineers invented memory foam, it became a groundbreaking addition in the mattress industry to combine comfort and support.

Over time, memory foam mattresses were introduced in the market to compete with innerspring or spring mattresses.

But, which one is better for you? Read on to find out which one between the memory foam and spring mattress suits you best.

Spring Mattress

Purchasing an innerspring mattress is easier nowadays since it is very popular worldwide, especially in the US. We also got Heinrich Westphal, a german inventor to thank after inventing the first innerspring mattress in 1871.

But one of the main reasons for its popularity is its affordability. Innerspring is the least expensive type of mattress because of the basic materials it contains.

The production of an innerspring mattress is also easier which helps decrease its cost. Depending on the brand and size, the total cost of constructing an innerspring mattress can even take less than $150.

Of course, some companies tend to overprice them and increase their prices from $300 and above. Still, lots of customers tend to prefer the traditional spring mattress over foam mattresses in the market.

It can be firm, supportive, and bouncy. But apart from having bouncy springs that can keep you bouncing, there’s more to see about the popular traditional mattress.

So if you’re thinking about getting one for yourself, you might want to know what’s going on inside it first.

Spring’s Support and Pressure Relief

Surely, sleeping on an innerspring mattress is way better than sleeping on the floor. However, the innerspring mattress seems comfy only if it has an additional pillow-top to reduce the feel of its spring coils.

However, most traditional spring mattresses tend to provide insufficient pressure relief due to its unbalanced support. That’s because the layer with the steel coil support system is still too thick compared with its foam topper.

For instance, some back sleepers feel more pressure on their head, back, and hips. With regular occurrence, those affected pressure points can lead to body pains due to the lack of enough blood circulation.

The springs may accept your body weight against the mattress but it can also push your body back. Even though it can last decades, its support push back can still increase…
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