Yarrio Garden 10 modern fire pits for your backyard this summer

10 modern fire pits for your backyard this summer

metal fire pit

The options for fire pits are also varied from stones, copper, iron, and even concrete. Many fire pits for the backyard are multi-functional so that you can heat, cook food, or can also fill an empty fire pit with ice to cool drinks. Some fire pits can also be used as a table when not in use. If you are allergic to smoke, an air-injection fire pit where the main fuel is oxygen is just for you.

Stylish and Functional Fire Pit Ideas

Stone fire pits

The best part about a stone fire pit is that they are easy to assemble with just a few things in and around your house. You can go for makeshift stone fire pits as well that can be dismantled right after your party is over.

Make makeshift stone fire pits using some pavers put together stacking them one on top of the other and filled with sand to make it sturdy. And if you want to make a permanent stone fire pit, use cement to build a strong structure.

No matter whether it is a makeshift or a permanent one, the rustic look it imparts gives your backyard a cozy look.

Concrete fire pits

Concrete fire pits can be a robust and permanent feature of your backyard. Design your fire pits into a square, circular-shaped raised beds that can have a metal lining. Having a metal lining will make it easier to get it leaned. Just make a sitting arrangement around it, and you can create a cozy party environment.

Steel fire pits

Many fire pits which are made of steel also come with a cooking grate, spark screen, and poker for hassle-free roasting. They have a minimalist design and are specially engineered to minimize smoke. They are lightweight and often come with a carrying case. They burn wood very efficiently and generate ultra-fine ash.

Copper fire pits

Contemporary yet rustic, copper fire pits add a spark to your patio like none other. Copper fire pits come in diverse shapes and sizes that bring in flexibility, portability, and style at the same time. Though it involves a higher price, yet it is worth the investment for its durability and sustainability factor. It is also easy to clean.

For copper fire pits, you could either line your concrete fire pit with copper or use the different copper pits with varying depths and sizes. Just mount them on the stands, and you are good to go.

DIY Fire Pits

Let your creative juices flow free and come up with your own fire pit ideas. There are several fire pit DIY ideas which provide very easy to follow steps. To make your own fire pit in the backyard first you have to select the right spot. If there is grass, you have to clear the perimeter using a gas weed eater. Fire pits are generally circular in shape.

You can purchase the basic raw materials like pavers, retaining wall blocks, sand, and concrete from your nearest home improvement store. You can stack curved paving stones on the patio to create a bonfire spot. The sand will ensure that the stones don’t shift. Around the fire pit, you can put pea-gravel. The fire pit can be fuelled by wood or by gas, usually propane.

Fire Pits Landscaping

Just as the look of your fire pit is important, so is the landscape surrounding it. It all depends on your mood and you should pay great attention to where to place it. You can create a green natural setting in your garden, or a rocky one, even a sandy beach. You can complete the look of the fire pit in a stony patio by creating a rocky wall. You can have a circular sitting area surrounding the fire pit. But care should be taken to see that its level is not too low from the sitting position.

You can build the fire pit either in the middle of your garden or opposite the water fountain. The path leading to the fire pit can be covered by gravel or stone. One important thing to consider while building the fire pit is the drainage. You obviously wouldn’t want the fire pit to be converted into a small pond after rains!

Contemporary Fire Pits

Contemporary or modern fire pits can be a great way to add novelty to your backyard. Many modern fire pits have a convenient built-in stacking system for wood. Some of them are foldable so you can take it for camping trips. The sky’s the limit as far as designs and shapes are concerned.

Some fire pits can double up as a table. They have powder-coated steel inside for better durability. They usually have efficient gas burners using propane or natural gas as fuel.

One trending design is the stars and moon one. These designs are cut on the walls which are black outside. So when the fire starts, these shapes can be seen vividly and give the impression of starry summer nights.

Most small and portable fire pits have a detachable base which makes cleaning very easy.

Enhance the Patio

A fire pit is an element that stands on its own and makes a great patio concept. It is a great place to sit after dinner. A common feature is that the material used to make the fire pit patio matches those used to make the house.

Summer and fire might seem incompatible. But even though it is summer, the weather can get a bit chilly in the evening. So sitting by the fire pit in your backyard will be a great way to relax.

You can sip wine and skewer hotdogs in the fire pit in the cool evenings. Other than roasting marshmallows, fire pits can have a more functional role too. If you attach a grill to it you can roast kebabs and also a variety of other cooking too.

So what are you waiting for? There’s one fire pit to suit every budget. It will also give you the excuse to spend more time outdoors.

Do you have any thoughts about how to make a perfect fire pit? Just share with us in the comment section!

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